The benefits at a glance

Safe machine steps and industrial guard-rails
Customised gangways and platforms
Free-standing or integrated solutions
Variability for optimum use of space
The benefits of the item Stairway/Platform System

The benefits of the item Stairway/Platform System

Maximum flexibility and safety 

The item Stairway/Platform System makes it easier than ever to reach every part of a machine and work on various levels. Bridges, maintenance platforms for elevated sections of machinery and all-round working platforms can all be built using the same system. Use item fastening technology to build stable machine steps and structures.

Create flexible machine steps

Modular and highly adaptable

The item Stairway/Platform System can be used to build machine steps in four different pitches and includes profiles in variable lengths. Create your own custom machine steps to suit the space available, the working height required and the weights involved. Thanks to the system’s modular design, you can easily adapt and expand your machine steps at any time. The resulting machine steps provide access to all areas, while taking up very little space. 


Create flexible machine steps
Construct industrial guide-rails with ease

Construct industrial guide-rails with ease

Five fasteners to cover all tasks 

Systems for industrial guide-rails usually consist of countless fasteners. In the case of the Stairway/Platform System, however, five fasteners are enough to cover all tasks, meaning you no longer have to find a separate component for each individual task when constructing industrial guide-rails. All components are securely screwed to the aluminium profiles. Thanks to versatile fasteners, there is no need for mitre cuts on industrial guard-rails or welded connections.


Practical platforms

Along with a wide range of accessories 

Expand your working area with free-standing platforms or integrate them into existing structures. Platforms provide an elevated working level or a landing between the different flights of machine steps. The item Stairway/Platform System utilises the Line 8 groove from the MB Building Kit System as standard, meaning you also have practical accessories at your disposal, such as guards, doors, machine accessories and installation elements.


Practical platforms

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